Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14: Chicken and Asiago Stuffed Mushrooms

I made these mushrooms today for an afternoon snack. They were good. But I'm tired and not feeling well, so I'm going to bed. I will show you the mushrooms tomorrow.

ETA 2/15/13

So I hope y'all had a happy Valentine's day. I sure did. I did something nice for my hubby and shoveled the 6 inches of snow that had fallen - on the front walkway and sidewalk and the whole driveway. I couldn't figure out why I was so tired last night, but I finally did. As I was laying down I said, "Why in the world am I so... oh yeah, I did all that shoveling. Duh." So, that's why I didn't post last night.

So I did my grocery shopping yesterday in the morning after I dropped off DD to school. The weather was pretty bad, so it took a while. I got home around 10:30 and started these mushrooms. Here are the ingredients:

I cleaned the mushrooms, chopped up the stems, and brushed the caps with olive oil:

I heated some olive oil in a skillet, then added the onions and cooked for 1 minute. Then I added the mushroom stems and cooked about 5 to 6 minutes. Then I added the garlic and cooked about 1 minute more:

I poured in some Madeira wine and evaporated it. Then I added the chicken sausage and cooked it until no longer pink. I let it cool 5 minutes, then stirred in the Asiago cheese, Italian bread crumbs, some parsley, salt, and pepper:

I smooshed the filling down into the mushroom caps, but only used about 1/2 the filling among 20 mushrooms:

I cooked them in the crockpot on high for 2 hours and ate them as a snack at about 3PM.

They were cold by the time I ate them, so they weren't that appetizing, but were delicious once I reheated them. I don't really see the point in making these in the crockpot unless your oven is taken, because you really do all the work ahead of time. Next time I might make them and try cooking them on 350 for 20-30 minutes.

I ended up eating the rest of the filling on baked potatoes at lunch because there was way too much. Next time I think I will cut the amount of chicken sausage down to half.

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