Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5: Wake-up Potato and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

I was excited for today's recipe, because it's a little different. I stuck it in the Crock-Pot last night and we had a wonderful breakfast to wake up to! It was about 11:30pm when I started preparing it. I gathered up the ingredients - not too many this time:
I diced up the sausage and onion and fried them in the skillet for 5 minutes:

While that was cooking, I diced up the pepper. Then I stirred it in with the sausage and onion. I layered 1/3 of the hash browns into the Crock-Pot that had been sprayed with cooking spray; then I put 1/2 of the sausage mixture over that:

After layering like that a few more times, I beat up the eggs and milk and poured the mixture evenly over the layers:
I set the heat for low - 8 hours. The recipe said 6-7 hours. I wanted to sleep longer than that, so I left it in almost the full 8; which is probably why it burned a bit around the edges. When I got up, I sprinkled the cheese on top and let it melt, then I cut it into wedges and served it up:
My camera battery was dying; I left the charger at my parents house in Ohio, so it would only let me turn it on and click the picture before it died. It wouldn't let me focus or zoom, so this picture is the best you're going to get.
The idea of this casserole is great, and it didn't taste bad. I used the wrong kind of hash browns and there were too many of them, so this did end up tasting very potatoey. I needed ketchup with it. The Kielbasa was a little funny. I will probably make this again with some breakfast sausage. I think that would make it perfect!
I think I will make this recipe next time I have house guests - especially when my parents come to visit. They're always requesting breakfast casserole, and I never had a recipe for it.
Just a note about the serving sizes. I ate a full portion an hour ago and I'm still stuffed full! They are really big. My son ate 1/2 a portion, but my girls only ate a few bites. They're not used to such a big breakfast I guess!

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