Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4: Chicken Enchilada Roll-Ups

Today I made these Chicken Enchilada Roll-ups, from the "Lighter Bites" section of the cookbook. It is on page 104. I started at 10:30 gathering the ingredients:

The chicken breasts were cut into halves lengthwise (I used 3 filleted into 6 breasts instead of the 6 it called for), then dredged in flour:

I chopped the onion while I browned the chicken in 2 tbsp butter.

Next I added the chicken to the crockpot with the onions, canned jalapenos (I used mild), oregano, and broth that was used to scrape up the brown bits in the skillet:
The chicken cooked on low for a little over 6 hours. The recipe said 7 - 8 hours, but we were ready before that. Then I mixed up some flour and milk, stirred it in, and let the chicken cook on high, uncovered, for 15 more minutes.
Finally, I scooped it onto the tortillas, placed some American cheese on top, and rolled up the enchiladas.

I'm not sure if my tortillas are too big, but they don't look quite like the picture in the cookbook. But they really were delicious! I'm finding I like slow cooked food! DH liked the enchiladas, even though he kept complaining that enchiladas aren't actually a real thing (whatever that means). I also think that he would have rather had real hot jalapenos, not the mild ones. Funny, the girls ate this one up, but the baby didn't like it. :)

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